Film Conversion

Digital Recollections offers a video and film transfer service as part of a total solution package for corporations as well as individuals. We can help you create a memorable and stunning video to your specifications and budget. 

The most common transfer that we do is from 8mm and Super 8mm film to digital. Using our telecine film transfer method we ensure that the quality of your 8mm film, Super 8 film, and 16mm film, is completely captured – digitally. You will never have to worry about your films fading as the digital process will actually improve the quality of your footage. 

The basic film transfer includes our digital film transfer, complete digital upload to our real time digital editing suites, and a very low compression for the highest quality video. We only use Final Cut Pro Studio, the absolute best in the world. In other words, your footage is captured into the computer at high resolution, edited and then either put onto a DVD or the uncompressed footage is copied onto a USB drive or a personal hard drive.

Reel Size Matrix

Reel Diameter3” Reel4” Reel5” Reel6” Reel7” Reel8” Reel10” Reel12” Reel
# of Feet501002003004006008001200