Tape Conversion

Digitize videos with ease using our video transfer service. We work with many video formats including VHS tapes, VHS-C, Mini-DV, Hi8, Digital 8, DVCAM, Betamax, and PAL format for some cameras. We give your VHS tapes back to you along with a DVD and a digital file, so even if you want to keep those tapes for nostalgic reasons, you can do so, but safe in the knowledge that the footage has been safely preserved. Don’t delay, the sooner you do your conversion, the higher the chance all of your footage can be saved.
We can even repair broken tape!
Some reasons for transferring those precious memories

Easier to view

Even if you still own a working VHS player, these devices are typically bulky and usually aren’t easy to connect to modern smart television. This is one of the most compelling reasons to convert your tapes to a digital format.
Once your tapes are digitized, you don’t have to worry about sorting through countless tapes to find the one you are searching for. 

Improved accessibility

If your footage is in tape form, you are limited to what you can do with it. VHS tapes are not able to be edited or changed in any way. This isn’t true for the digital format.
By digitizing your VHS tapes, you can edit the footage and change it as much as you want. You can even share the footage on social media or with your family.
The ease offered by digital files cannot be matched. This is one of the reasons that so many people are choosing digitization today.

It’s easier to share

As mentioned above, when your VHS content is digitized, the files are easier to access and edit. Another benefit is that you don’t have to plan a visit to friends or family members’ homes if you want to watch your old videos together
By changing VHS tapes to digital files, you can share clips or entire videos with someone a few thousand miles away just by clicking the mouse. This is a huge benefit for people who live far away from one another.