USB Duplication

Tiny USB Drives Carry Big Messages!

USB Drives— those keychain-sized storage devices that plug into desktops and laptops—are fast becoming the next hot marketing vehicle. Why?  Ubiquity. Capacity and Novelty. 

Digital Recollections now offers customized USB Drive opportunities that will help you and your business create a high profile company giveaway and marketing tool.  And one that continues to promote your company, its message, and its products for years to come.

USB Drives – often called Flash Drives – are compatible with most computers, have more storage capacity than CD’s and are reusable. They also carry that WOW factor! And soon, USB Drive giveaways will become as ubiquitous at trade shows as a keychain. And like a keychain, the Drive’s case can be stamped with your company logo, as well as carry its marketing message. USB drives can also be programmed to create a deeper link with the customer and consumer, by requiring the user to register, or go to a link, in order to free the drive for his own use.